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Ms. Melanie Yvonne Labrie
Kentucky Umpires

Ms. Melanie Yvonne Labrie
Melanie Labrie
1015 Southern Hills Road
Kingwood, TX 77339
Phone: (713) 292-4593 • Facsimile: (866) 929-1926
Email Address:
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Years experience in insurance industry:

Insurance Company: Law Firm (Plaintiff):
Public Adjuster: Law Firm (Defense):
Independent Adjuster:12 Other:General Contractor 20+

Independent General Adjuster

Experience in insurance appraisals:

Estimated Number of Appraisals Performed:103   Percentage of Appraisals acting as the Umpire:20 %
Percentage of Appraisals representing the Policyholder as an Appraiser:40 % Percentage of Appraisals representing the Insurance Company:60 %
Percentage of Appraisals acting as an Appraiser:80 %

Resume Highlights:
Independent general adjuster with residential and commercial experience. I have over 15 years of experience in the insurance claims arena working both sides of the fence. I have an excellent background to help with the appraisal process. I have assisted in over 100 appraisals and have adjusted 1000ís of insurance claims. I am generally selected to do cleanup and re-inspects after the storm and will leave no stone unturned. On the other side I was a general contractor for over 20 years with 10 years of specializing in insurance claims. With my extensive knowledge in construction and adjusting, I have the tools needed to umpire your claim. I will be fair to the insured and the insurance company. My goal is to settle your claim in a fair and prompt manner.

Educational degrees / certifications:
Windstorm Insurance Network Umpire Certification, 2009
TWIA 2008
Licensed Adjuster in: TX, OK, FL, LA, AR, MS, MN, MI, SC, NC, GA. AL, MA, KY, WA, CT, DE, NH, VT, WV
NFIP Flood Certified, Residential and Commercial
Large Loss Specialist
Extensive Experience with Churches